Ener-C Ambassadors Program

Ener-C  Ambassador Program is designed  for health and fitness enthusiasts who can’t wait to share their passion with the world. They are active, motivated and always excited about new experiences. They are involved with multiple social media channels, sports and communities and spread the word about Ener-C through their daily lives. Their goal is to help people lead healthier and happier lives through nutrition and natural supplementation.

Ener-C Ambassador’s Responsibilities

•    Proactively spread the message about our mission and products.
•    Engage in our social media campaigns.
•    Give out samples and promotional materials.
•    Send us pictures from your daily life with Ener-C  appropriate for repost on our social media channels.
•    Live a healthier and happier life!

Benefits of Being a Part of Ener-C Team

•    Invitations to multiple events.
•    Free and discounted products.
•    Free SWAG.
•    Participation in social media campaigns.
•    Profile on our web-site.
•    Special consideration for setting up a new account