Did someone say "Healthy" Margarita?

Whether it is Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo ( oh wait... or both ) we have you covered with this delicious , healthy and low sugar recipe featuring one of our favorite flavors :  LIME !

This recipe works great as a afternoon mocktail or if you wish to add in your choice of alcohol - A tasty Margarita with a side of vitamins & minerals to boot!

Here's our secret recipe :

1 Sachet of Lime Ener-C Multivitamins

1 Cup of Ice ( your choice if on the rocks or blended )

2 limes ( sliced into quarters , save one for garnish )

1 cup of Club Soda 

Course / Rock salt for the Rim 


Step 1:  Find your favorite Margarita glass, take lime wedge and rim the edge before placing rim down onto a plate with the rock salt.

Step 2:  Pour the sachet of Lime Ener-C into glass 

Step 3:  Pour Club soda and the juice of 1.5 limes into the glass and add the the ice ( blend now or just have on the rocks ) ( If tequila is your thing.... now is the time to add )

Step 4:  Add a slice of Lime along the rim, and Enjoy :)


Be sure to share your creations with us in honor of #Cinco de Mayo 


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