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Ener-C Popsicle's

It's heating up out there, why not cool down with an Ener-C frozen treat filled with electrolytes?


2 Packs of Ener-C SPORT
2 Packs of Ener-C Raspberry
1 1/2 Cup Water (could need 2 cups +)
Popsicle Molds (either 4 slots or 8 slots)

These are great for a refreshing treat or a mid-day pick me up! Also work great when dehydrated from feeling ill and if you had a little too crazy of a night prior.

Step one of of making an Ener-C popsicle is to pour in the electrolyte rich Sport mix and Raspberry Vitamin C mix

Step 1:

Distribute the Ener-C SPORT Drink Mix & Raspberry Multivitamin Drink Mix evenly between all the molds. (might be easier to pre-mix together in a bowl then add to the molds)

Step two is adding water to the electrolyte and vitamin c mixes in a mold

Step 2:

Add a little water, stir and let sit 10 minutes. Once it's sat for roughly 10ish minutes, top off the water and make sure the effervescent has calmed down and all powder is mixed in.

Step three is placing popsicle sticks in the drink mix and then freeze

Step 3:

Put the sticks into the drink mix and put in the freezer (we found 8 - 10 hours works best)

Step four is removing the frozen electrolyte Raspberry vitamin c popsicles from the freezer

Step 4:

Remove & enjoy!

Step five is to enjoy the healthy popsicles

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  • omg this is amazing what we can make with your products thank you

    Anna mary Foster

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