We are all trying to wrap our hearts and minds around this new way of living, the outlines and boundaries of which are still shifting and unclear. Many of us are hurting right now, and worried for what the future holds: uncertain doesn’t even begin to cover it. However, even as we are physically isolating from one another, we are witnessing countless acts of kindness, selflessness and generosity connecting individuals, communities, countries and the world. We at Ener-C are are inspired by what we have seen people accomplish in these times of change and sacrifice.
The work of all the healers, the cleaners, the growers and makers, the drivers and clerks and shelf-stockers has never felt so essential to our continued existence. Like you, we are so grateful to all those who are working to keep us all safe and help us meet our basic human needs. We want to say “thank you” to all the people who do these important jobs. We also want to give a huge shout-out to everyone struggling to striving to adapt to new ways of doing things: kids, parents, grandparents, teachers, employers and employees and all those who have had to alter or postpone important rites of passage and find new ways of learning, loving and celebrating the things that make us feel part of a community or a society.
 Our team is doing our best to meet the needs of our valued customers, distributers and retail partners, and also to reach out and share some immunity-hydration-energy love with the frontline workers and care providers who could use some Ener-C to help them fight the good fight.
We are not a large pharmaceutical company. We are a small team and--now more than ever--a family. We believe in wellness for people and the planet and have hope that the world will come out of this pandemic stronger and more aware of our interconnectedness. We also know so many people are struggling right now, and our hearts go out to all who are suffering. Please reach out to us at community@tryenerc.com with any questions or suggestions for ways we can help. We wish you good health, comfort and safety.



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